The Best Niche Opportunities For Real Estate Marketing

marketingMany agents are experienced in a wide range of real estate marketing niches. However, it can sometimes be a great boost to business if you narrow your focus to one or two specialist areas, and build your reputation as an authority in that market. Here are some of the most lucrative niches for real estate.

The Singles Market

There is a growing trend for singles buying homes. At present, nearly 60 million properties in America have a single owner and that number is growing year on year. Since the needs of a single buyer are very different to those of a married or cohabiting couple, this is one market niche which could prove especially profitable.

First Time Buyers

If you particularly love the feeling of matching someone with their dream home, first time buyers might be your perfect niche, since buying your very first home can be an elating experience. Dealing with a first time buyer can be very different to dealing for more experienced buyers, however, as they will have far more anxieties about the process. But if you can help them through the pitfalls of property buying and assuage their worries, this niche buyer is likely to reward you with repeat business and referrals.

Baby Boomers

Qualifying to become a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) can pay dividends. The senior population have many unique considerations when it comes to property buying, including how much income they have to spend on their new home. Becoming a SRES will give you the necessary training to meet the needs of this unique niche.

Luxury Homes

Luxury homes is a particularly appealing niche in real estate because, as a commission based industry, there is a potential to earn more. However, you need to remember that wealthy clients have higher expectations from their real estate agents, since they are going to receive a sizable chunk of commission from the sale of the property. This means that the net profit can be similar to selling lower priced properties, as you will need to invest a lot more in the sale.

Vacation Homes

If you are residing in an area which has a lot of appeal to vacationers then you might want to go into the profitable market of vacation homes. The key to becoming successful in this niche is to hone your marketing strategy and get your name out there as the premier vacation home agent in your area. The internet is the best place to target your marketing efforts, as the majority of your clients will be coming from outside the area.

For Sale By Owner Properties (FSBOs)

FSBOs is a niche which is often overlooked in real estate marketing. However, assisting people to market their own homes can be a surprisingly successful strategy. In a large number of FSBO cases, the owner soon realizes that selling a home is more work than they imagined and they will list their property with a professional instead. If you have already made a great impression on them, they will almost certainly give you the business.

Finding a niche can be a great way to distinguish yourself in the industry.