How High Is A Realtor Salary?

In this day and age, it makes sense to find a career field that is rewarding and lucrative. People who want to make the most out of their time spent away from home should be sure that they are enjoying their jobs and maximizing on their potential. When it comes down to it, one of the make or break factors for any industry is how much money is earned. This can fluctuate based on a lot of factors, including location, experience and more, but it pays to make sure that the job is suitable for the lifestyle a person wants.

salaryUnderstanding the job is half the battle, because there are a lot of similar real estate jobs within the field. First and foremost, there is a large difference between agents and brokers. Brokers are people who can manage businesses, while agents typically work under brokers. Both work hard to match people with the type of real estate that they need in order to complete their purchase, but people looking at these jobs from a career opportunity standpoint will want to learn the ins and outs. It pays to make this distinction clear before learning about salary or trying to receive the necessary accreditations.

Money Matters: The Realtor Salary

Recent data suggests that people who enter the industry as real estate agents earn, on average, a salary of approximately $40,000. On the higher end of the spectrum, well paid real estate agents earn approximately $100,000 per year, while the lower end of the spectrum sees real estate agents earning a little more than $20,000. In terms of best areas for working in the field, studies have also shown that the realtors who make the highest salaries work in areas like Santa Fe, New Mexico, Wayne, New Jersey, White Plains, New York and Lake County, Illinois.

How to Become a Realtor

The first thing a person should do is become familiar with the ins and outs of the job. Before moving a step further, they should understand what a day on the job entails, what skills are necessary and what lengths someone must go to in order to make a sale. This will give a clear picture of what can be expected, in order to provide some insight. From there, people interested in becoming realtors will need to make sure that they get the license needed to practice. This involves a written exam, the content of which varies state by state. Anybody who wants to sell real estate should be at least 18 years old. Though not necessary, having a college or graduate level degree helps, especially if it is in any kind of business, finance, or accounting related field.

This can be a rewarding career field for anyone who wants to enter and attempt to achieve the higher end of the realtor salary spectrum. With these steps laid out, it is possible for anybody with knowledge, drive and determination to do what it takes to enter the field and put themselves in a position to succeed.

Property Manager Salary: What Is Involved

property managerAnyone who has rented an apartment, house or any other piece of property has likely had to deal with a property manager. For many, this seems like a dream job, to get a free place to stay and help people find a place to live every day. The job of a property manager involves a lot of organization, people skills, bookkeeping and an understanding of the property. Property managers have to field a lot of phone calls and e-mails and promote initiatives throughout the property, in order for it to continue growing and thriving. There are a lot of people who have enjoyed this career path, but the big question is, how much does it pay?

According to data, people who work in the field stand to make a lot of money. The median property manager salary in the United States is approximately $85,000. They are able to use a lot of the skills, including business, human resources and public relations. People who have degrees in these types of fields stand a chance of getting an increase in salary, in order to help better their lives. Anybody looking to make the most out of the job should conduct thorough research into what the job will pay in their particular area.


In some cases, a property manager will be able to receive commission for finding new tenants. A lot of times, there are promotions available for prospective tenants, such as reduced rent, free rent for a certain number of months and a host of other circumstances. This goes a long way toward helping property managers rent the apartments or units to tenants, get commission and boost their salary in the process.

It goes without saying though, that in order to make the biggest property manager salary, a person must work in an area where property is more expensive, prestigious or plentiful. In these areas, property managers are paid very well to take care of the property, because a lot of time and energy went into it. The jobs require meetings, inspection of the grounds, showing apartments to prospective tenants and arranging for repairs and maintenance throughout the years. They also process applications for any new tenants, and help people to make sure that they are able to get help when they need it. A lot of companies now prefer that their property managers have college degrees, and this makes the competition more stiff across the board. No longer can people get by with a high school diploma, they should, instead have higher education experience. In some situations, people are even required to have real estate licenses.

Regardless of what area a person searches for in terms of job prospects, they will be able to find property management jobs available at some point. It is a matter of preference to choose a city that pays more, and this is not a bad idea, because the possibilities for an excellent salary are great. Research is always key, and will help find these areas.