Diversity And Opportunity In Real Estate Jobs

Real estate jobs offer an interesting path to success for just about anyone. They are exciting, demanding and quite often very profitable. Take you pick of specialties, sharpen your professional skills and enjoy working your way to the top.

General Requirements

real estate jobsTo enter into the world of real estate, you’re required to be a high school graduate, at least 18 and pass a written exam covering basic laws and transactions. There are also hours of formal training to complete, the number of which varies by state, but averages around 60. To excel in this field however, people skills and a knack for numbers are necessary. Although everyone learns through hands-on experience, any job in real estate is heavily dependent on reputation, thus being thoroughly prepared coming out of the starting gate is highly recommended.

Personality Type

Since real estate covers a vast number of positions and responsibilities, the people who choose to enter this field are also very diverse. Most though are not shy and enjoy mixing it up with people from any economic background. A career in real estate can take you from a shabby neighborhood to a highrise corner office in a heartbeat, so be ready for anything. The upper echelons of the industry means a sort of celebrity status, with high expectations for excellence and achievement.

Residential Real Estate

The typical agent in residential real estate independently contracts with a broker and receives about six percent in return for their successful sales. Selling residential homes can difficult during economic downturns, however sales often rebound in cycles and profits can average out over time. Some agents have other part-time careers to compensate for slumps, and some branch out within the field to keep a steady cash flow. Diversity is key to surviving any challenge, and the real estate business is no exception.

The Commercial Sector

Buying and selling commercially puts you in the midst of hotel and mall owners, industrial and apartment complexes and more. This is a great area to get into if capitalist blood runs quick through your veins, as long as you’ve got a good eye for a deal. For example, a failing restaurant could be facing foreclosure, while the same area is becoming desirable for other enterprises. Snag the undervalued eatery and prep the property for the incoming business sector and you’re looking at significant return on your investment. This formula can apply to nearly any type of structure, so long as it can be made into a suitable habitat for the next owner or tenant. The more convenient the location, the sweeter the deal.

Property Management

Choosing to manage property for others is usually a very demanding career move. It entails overseeing different places, including residential or commercial, in every aspect of operations. Leasing negotiations, rental agreements and enforcement and upkeep are just a few examples of what keeps a property manager busy. While it can be a stressful occupation, it’s great training grounds for anyone interested in climbing the real estate ladder and eventually moving on to buying and selling their own property.


Banks and agents alike need to know the exact value of their properties and how different market variables impact worth. An appraiser is hired to inspect and evaluate, then provide a figure based on specific calculations. This sect is less dependent on a bull market, because property requires valuation even if they’re headed to foreclosure.

Investment Adviser

Advising others on where to put their money in real estate is exciting and can be very lucrative. Following an in-depth investigation of a piece of property, its neighborhood and other factors that impact appreciation, an adviser recommends the purchase to investors. Thereafter, the property is monitored for future sale and profit. Statistical analysis is an essential part of predicting the value of real estate, as is a thorough knowledge of other influential metrics.

Real estate jobs can put you on the fast track to success, no matter which avenue you choose to take. It’s an exciting field that provides opportunity for advancement and constant change. Consider your options carefully, and find out where you belong on your way to the top.