When it comes to careers, real estate has always been a great choice. No matter what is going on with the economy, people are going to need housing and property will change hands. Even in the face of a severe economic downturn, there is still a need to buy and sell real estate and agents can still make a living if they remain flexible.

BeARealtor.org has been created for those interested in pursuing a career in the field of real estate, as well as information for the general public. Many options are explored in a series of articles. Keep in mind however, that everything published here is solely the opinion of the authors and does not come with any guarantees. A person’s success in any real estate endeavor will depend on their own knowledge, education, hard work and, at times, being in the right place at the right time.

As with anything important, there are professionals who can guide a person along a career path and we strongly encourage you seek the advice and counsel of a real estate professional before taking any steps.

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